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Strong Standards

There are so many considerations when choosing a puppy that is a perfect fit for your family.  Here are some of the questions I have been asked over the years about goldendoodles and standard poodles.


What is a goldendoodle?

A goldendoodle is the offspring of a golden retriever and a poodle. They are a perfect family dog because they exhibit the loyal, friendly, eager to please, playful traits of the golden, and the intelligent, social, intuitive, regal traits of the poodle. This is a hybrid with any percentage of golden and any percentage of poodle. With so many variables in play, you need to know your lingo.

What is an F1?

An F1 goldendoodle is a first generation puppy with one golden retriever parent and one poodle parent. Often (as in my case), the parents are both pedigreed, registered pure bred dogs.  A standard sized goldendoodle has a standard poodle parent. If the poodle is a mini or toy, the pair produces a smaller sized goldendoodle. The coat varies from wavy to curly. There is low/moderate shedding with an F1, but the benefit is that you can see and experience both breeds strongly.

What is an F1b?

An F1b goldendoodle is the offspring from pairing a first-generation F1 goldendoodle with a poodle. F1b is desireable because the percentage of poodle is increased, which decreases shedding. All the feedback we receive from previous F1b buyers is that their dog does not shed. While there is no such thing as a 100% non-shedding, hypoallergenic dog, the F1b gets pretty close!

What is a multi-generational goldendoodle (and other terminology)?

When a breeder uses the term "multi-gen" or "multi-generational", this means only that they are breeding a goldendoodle to another goldendoodle. This could be an F1 paired with an F1 (F2) or an F1 paired with an F1b (F2b), or two F1b's...etc.  There is a lot of different terminology - which can get confusing! But as goldendoodles become more widespread, and the goldendoodle, as a breed of its own, continues to grow, we will see the term multigenerational more and more.

What is a mini-goldendoodle?

A mini-goldendoodle is a doodle featuring any of the above combinations, yet the poodle determines the size variation. If you breed a golden retriever to a miniature or toy poodle (artificially of course), the doodle is smaller.  40 pounds and fewer is considered a goldendoodle mini. 

Can I register my goldendoodle?

AKC American Kennel Club will not register a goldendoodle currently because it is considered a mixed breed.  However, if registration is important to you, CKC Continental Kennel Club will register your doodle.

standard poodles

This is not your grandma's yappy poodle!

Standard poodles are confident and majestic. They are great family dogs and gentle with children.  Training is painless because they are intelligent and intuitive. My standard poodles look me in the eye as if to read my thoughts. They are skillful retrievers as they were bred originally for hunting (think the poodle hunting episode from Duck Dynasty.)  The non-shedding coat appeals to every mama out there who does not want to swiffer dog fur every 2 hours of the day!

How often do I need to have my poodle groomed?

If you desire the formal clipped look of the poodle, you are looking at professional grooming every 6 weeks. I love the stately appearance, but it does not work for me out in the country!  Grooming typically costs $65-80 for a standard sized poodle. If you desire a clip that is all-over-short (we call this a field cut), you can do it yourself!  Buy a clipper and go to town! We live in the woods and the dogs are always running through brush. The field cut works great for us.  We let it grow out in the winter to give the dog some warmth.