I knew after we met Nikki and her dogs that our family had to have one of her pups! Nikki has an obvious love and knowledge of her dogs. I especially liked how the puppies are raised in her home being loved on by children from day 1. Our Lucy has a sweet, calm demeanor, doesn't shed a bit, and is the cutest thing you've ever seen! We love her and would highly recommend Nikki's pups to anyone.


Stella has been a joy to raise; she is so well-behaved and seriously seems to contemplate everything we say to her! Since we are a homeschooling family, she is always with us, yet seems to know how to not get in the way (she particularly enjoys Algebra-go figure!). I will definitely return to Nikki and Strong Standards when we’re ready to add another family member!


After searching for months to find the perfect breeder, we found Nikki. We are so thankful to find someone who loves her dogs and spends so much time with them! Our Diesel is the perfect furbaby. He is beautiful, doesn't shed, completely healthy, and has a playful and sweet temperment. You really can't go wrong with her puppies!


 When we got Maya at 8 weeks old they had already been taking her outside frequently and teaching her the word "off" as a command to stop inappropriate behaviors. Maya was completely house trained in less than 2 weeks and now knows every basic command you can teach including turning off the light switch. She is the best dog we have ever had and we are constantly being complimented on her calm demeanor and her of course her gorgeous looks  😉. Long story short I would recommend Strong Standards to anyone who is serious about getting a goldendoodle.


I highly recommend Nikki's pups. When we are ready to add another pup into the mix - I wouldn't think of going anywhere else.


As owners of a labradoodle for the last nine years, we were finally ready to add a new puppy to the family. We didn’t think that we would find a doodle who could possibly compare to our current pooch, so we were thrilled to find Nikki and her pups! Stella, our fabulous goldendoodle, has made an awesome addition to our home. Stella was a Christmas surprise for my four children; prior to her arrival, I was able to spend time with both parents and it was abundantly clear that Nikki’s dogs are well cared for, beautifully socialized members of her family.

When my husband and I decided to get a dog we researched several breeds. We decided we wanted a large breed that did not shed. We settled on goldendoodles for their smart and loving personalities. That being said Nikki and her family are the best breeders we could have ever found. It was obvious that the puppies were cared for and loved on all day long. The puppies are socialized with kids and other dogs daily. It was great getting to see the parents on site and their personalities as well. 

I am so grateful for Nikki and her family! I could not have dreamed of a better pup than Wallace. He was potty trained within 2 weeks of getting him (I'm sure because Nikki was already working on that one!), and he could sit, stay, speak, shake and roll over by the time he was a few months old.  He is so smart, doesn't shed, and I never have to worry about his temprement.  With two young nieces, it was important for me to have a dog that could handle being around small kids. Wallace loves them as much as they love him!

Strong Standards